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Token Collection

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Stratus Games Aug 19, 2010 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
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Instead of dealing out Challenge tokens equally to each player, they are placed on the board and collected in the same manner as Gold Nuggets.

At the beginning of the game, reserve all of the Challenge tokens in a pile instead of dealing them equally to each player. The pile should have a total of three Gold Challenge tokens and three Bat Challenge tokens per player.

Whenever a tile with a pickaxe on it is played, a Gold Challenge token is placed on the pickaxe. Whenever a tile with a wooden beam on it is played, a Bat Challenge token is placed on the beam.

If the tile contains both a pickaxe and a wooden beam, a Gold Challenge token is placed on the pickaxe, and nothing is placed on the beam. If more than one pickaxe or beam is found on the tile, the player must choose which one will receive a token.

The tokens can be collected on the Miner Action phase of a player’s turn. In order to collect the token, the player’s Miner must end up on the same tile and path as the token during Miner Movement. The token that was collected may be used on the same turn.

Once all of the tokens have been placed, no additional action is required when a tile with a pickaxe or beam is played. If playing with six players, there will be three extra Gold Challenge tokens that can never be played.

Game: Gold Mine

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