Stratus Games Announces Eruption Preview Nights

Eruption cover artThe release of Eruption is drawing near! To help spread the word, Stratus Games is excited to invite friendly local game stores to host special Preview Nights for Eruption.

Participating retailers will be air-shipped one of the first copies ever made to demo to their customers long before the game's release. This copy is for previewing the game, generating buzz, and gathering in-store preorders. Best of all, it will be theirs to keep, compliments of Stratus Games! Retailers will also receive promotional support, free postcards to provide to customers, priority fill-rate for additional copies, and free shipping within the continental U.S.

If you are a retailer, sign up today or you may miss your chance because the window is very short! If you are not a retailer, feel free to encourage your favorite game stores to participate so you can have a chance to play before anyone else.

The Preview Nights promotion is powered by Game Salute, a source for news, reviews, and wild speculation! To participate, contact Game Salute today or click here for more information.

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The first photos ever taken of the finished product:
Pre-assemblyBox and lidWooden components

Trailer video:
Eruption Trailer Video


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Download the Eruption instruction booklet (PDF)


Launch Pad Reviews and Giveaways

Launch Pad

Launch Pad, the cutthroat family strategy card game of rocket construction and destruction, has been receiving a lot of attention lately. Why? Because it's an all-around great game!

Several highly positive reviews have been published recently, with the most notable being one from Wired Magazine's GeekDad blog. Here are some excerpts from the review:

"This game is a fun and competitive card game where you and your buddies/rivals construct as many spacebound rockets as possible"

"It’s deliciously devious"

"If you’ve always wanted to be an astronaut and have a mean competitive streak, you will blast off with Launch Pad"

"I had a blast playing this game. It’s got just the right mix of frustration and exultation, of construction and demolition, to keep even the most bored gamers interested. It has the “take that!” factor of classic games like Parcheesi and Sorry! but with more strategy and theme. The artwork is fun and vibrant and really fits the whole space race theme"

In addition, Stratus Games is teaming up with GeekDad to give away a copy of Launch Pad to a lucky fan.

Other notable reviews include a review and giveaway from the Dice Hate Me gaming blog, a new video review from Board to Death TV, and a pictorial overview from the popular Board Game Geek reviewer, EndersGame.

More information about Launch Pad


Stratus Games' Latest Project, DiceAFARI

DiceAFARI (Beta)Stratus Games is currently undergoing extensive testing of its latest project, DiceAFARI. In DiceAFARI, players go on a photo safari and compete to see the most animals and take the best pictures they can.

The game uses a tile-based board, arranged to portray a number of different animals, and Animal Dice to determine which areas of the board players will visit on their journey. Players score points for each tile they control as well as the photos that they capture between tiles.

The second beta version of DiceAFARI is currently being tested by the Stratus Sphere club. Anyone in the United States who is interested in joining the fun can sign up for Stratus Sphere and get started right away earning reward points toward free prizes!

Here are some examples of what playtesters are saying so far:

"Quick and easy to pick up. Fun idea and theme!"

"Good pace, easy to learn and teach but still offered some strategy, didn't feel too luck-driven even with the dice, different layouts added some nice variety between games."

"It's not just a mindless dice rolling exercise, the area control aspect is the best part of the game."

"It's quick and offers a lot of interaction between players."

DiceAFARI is scheduled for release in 2012.