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All of the latest news about Stratus Games and our products.

November 2012 Newsletter

Details about two recent awards and the new Casual Game Revolution website.

September 2012 Newsletter

Information about the $500 Off Your Rocker Quirky Video contest, an update on Casual Game Insider magazine, and news about recent and upcoming conventions.

July 2012 Newsletter

Origins 2012 report, the recently-launched Casual Game Revolution Kickstarter campaign, and a note about pre-orders.

May 2012 Newsletter

Details about the Casual Game Revolution program, free swag at Origins 2012, DiceAFARI and Off Your Rocker pre-orders, and unboxing videos.

April 2012 Newsletter

Off Your Rocker Kickstarter announcement and details about the PAX East show.

March 2012 Newsletter

Off Your Rocker announcement, a brief overview of the upcoming Casual Game Revolution program, and a report on recent and upcoming trade shows.

December 2011 Newsletter

An update about the DiceAFARI Kickstarter campaign and a holiday gift guide for Stratus Games' current titles.

November 2011 Newsletter

DiceAFARI on Kickstarter, details about the recent release of Eruption, the official Eruption tutorial video, and a collection of the latest buzz about Stratus Games.

September 2011 Newsletter

Eruption reviews, release information, giveaway contest and other news, including an announcement about mass market availability of Launch Pad and Gold Mine.

August 2011 Newsletter

Eruption Preview Nights and first photos, Launch Pad reviews and giveaways, and a sneak peek at Stratus Games' newest dice game, DiceAFARI.


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