Origins 2012 Report

Stratus Games had the wonderful opportunity of exhibiting at Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio from May 30 through June 3, 2012. It was a great experience to meet face-to-face with fans, publishers, designers, and others to enjoy many great games and conversations together.

Some of the highlights of the show include meeting celebrity guest Wil Wheaton, eating shawarma (a Middle Eastern sandwich-like wrap) for the first time, and showing off our latest games to the show's many attendees. Below are some videos and photos that were taken at the show (click to enlarge).

DiceAFARI demo video Off Your Rocker demo

President of Stratus GamesDemo tableEating shawarma (Avengers pose)

Casual Game Revolution on Kickstarter

The first phase of the Casual Game Revolution program is now on Kickstarter! Project backers can receive some great casual games from many different publishers, while also supporting a worthwhile cause. The games include Zombie Dice, Incan Gold, For Sale, Castle Panic, Survive, and Eruption. Several great sponsorship and marketing opportunities are also available as campaign rewards for publishers, distributors, and others.

Casual Game Insider magazineOne of the best opportunities to reach casual gamers directly is when they walk into a game store to see what it's all about. The first phase of the program is the Casual Game Insider, an industry magazine that will help stores make the most of these opportunities.The magazine will contain tools like posters, shelf labels, demo guides, case studies, and recommendations to help retailers highlight casual games and promote them more effectively to casual walk-ins.

For more information about the campaign, please refer to the Casual Game Revolution Kickstarter page. Retailers can get a free subscription to the magazine by signing up on the Casual Game Revolution website.

Pre-orders Ending Soon

DiceAFARI and Off Your Rocker will be arriving soon at our warehouse, which means the pre-order program will soon be coming to an end. July 15 will be the last day to get in your order to take advantage of a discounted price on individual games and bundles and free delivery up to 2 weeks prior to the release. Have you pre-ordered yet?

Click on any of the pre-order options below to find out more.

DiceAFARIOff Your RockerDiceAFARI and Off Your Rocker
DiceAFARI Double BundleDiceAFARI and Gold MinePre-order mega bundle