The Casual Game Revolution: Now Recruiting!

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The Casual Game Revolution is now actively recruiting retailers, publishers, and others to join the cause! Joining is absolutely free, and those who do will get a free magazine subscription or other great benefits. Read on!

There are currently many genres and terms in use to define board games, many of which are confusing or unwelcoming to casual gamers (those who enjoy and prefer lightly strategic games), making it hard to find the right games.

Confusing Genres

To solve this, a panel of industry experts and veterans has been assembled to define a casual game based only on complexity, not by any of the genres or traditions of the past. A casual game is played in under 1 hour, taught in 10 minutes or less, set up in 5 minutes or less, and is lightly strategic.

Game complexity scale

Using this definition, the team plans to identify the great casual games currently on the market to make it easy for casual gamers to find exactly the level of games they enjoy.

Game shelf

Several tools will then be created to promote these games directly to the target audience, including an industry magazine with posters, shelf labels, and other promotional materials, a website for industry professionals, and a website for casual gamers.


Sign up today to join the cause! Retailers will receive a free subscription to the Casual Game Insider magazine, publishers will have access to free game evaluations and opportunities to market their casual games directly to the intended audience, and casual gamers will be able to easily find news, reviews, and information about the games they love.

The Casual Game Revolution is coming to Kickstarter from June 26 to August 25, 2012. This program is a major undertaking in terms of cost and time commitment, so please consider supporting the project in exchange for some great casual games from several well-known publishers!

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Origins Game Fair 2012

OriginsStratus Games will be exhibiting at this year's Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio. The show takes place from May 31 to June 3, 2012. The games on display will include our classic originals, Gold Mine and Launch Pad, as well as three that have never been seen at the show previously: Eruption, DiceAFARI, and Off Your Rocker.

Miner Drop by booth 109, near the entrance to exhibit hall C, to try out our latest offerings and pick up some special gifts: a Gold Mine miner and a DiceAFARI double map card! Quantities are limited and will be given out on a first come, first served basis.

If there are any show attendees who are interested in volunteering to help cover the booth, please contact us at your earliest convenience.


DiceAFARI and Off Your Rocker Pre-orders

Off Your Rocker successfully funded on Kickstarter on May 21st! We are very appreciative of the support we received during the campaign and are anxious to get this great game into the hands of our fans.

If you missed either the DiceAFARI or Off Your Rocker campaigns, both are currently available for pre-order for a limited time. Check out the DiceAFARI pre-order page or the Off Your Rocker pre-order page for more information.

Take a look at the following unboxing videos to see what the final products will look like:

DiceAFARI unboxing video

Off Your Rocker unboxing video