DiceAFARI On Kickstarter

The latest project from Stratus Games, DiceAFARI™, is now on Kickstarter! (What is Kickstarter?)

DiceAFARI™ (dice + safari) is a safari-going, photo-taking, dice-rolling extravaganza! The game takes players on a photo safari adventure that not only has an endearing theme, but is also strategic, interactive, and lots of fun for families and gamers alike.

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In DiceAFARI™, players create unique, animal-shaped maps using tiles that represent various African terrains. On each turn, the current player rolls custom dice to select a route to visit during the safari, then takes a photo of one of the exotic animals found in the area. Other players can then visit the same areas to take any remaining photos. After the whole map has been visited, points are scored for the best sets of photographs taken and the areas most recently visited.

The rules and a print-and-play version of the game are freely available to customers for evaluation. The final game is scheduled for delivery to Kickstarter backers in June, 2012.

Stratus Games is turning to Kickstarter for assistance with initial production costs, which include professional artwork and design, high-quality manufacturing, safety testing, and shipping, among others. Project backers will receive many benefits, including discounted prices, early delivery of the final product, exclusive components, and component upgrades if stretch goals are reached. By including customers early on in the process, the game will be tailor-made to fit customers’ needs and production of the game will happen sooner than otherwise anticipated.

The campaign will be live until December 19, 2011. If a total pledge value of at least $5,000 is reached by this date, the project will be funded. Stretch goals of up to $75,000 are also included, which unlock various upgrades to the game, when reached.

Please help us by pledging your support and spreading the word!

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DiceAFARI Gift CardGive the gift of play this holiday season!

Those who pledge their support for DiceAFARI™ on Kickstarter will have access to a free sheet of printable gift cards for the holidays. Give gift cards to your family and friends now to let them know you have reserved a copy for them and that they'll be among the first to enjoy the finished product when it ships in 2012.

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Eruption Release and Tutorial Video

EruptionEruption™ is now officially released! After shipping to preorder customers in mid-October, it then debuted publicly for the first time at SPIEL 2011 in Essen Germany, where the available copies quickly sold out.

On November 9th, Eruption™ officially made its debut in hobby game retailers worldwide. It was also made available in Stratus Games' online store.

To commemorate the release of Eruption™, Stratus Games has published a tutorial video covering the basic rules of the game. Commenters on the popular board game forum, Board Game Geek, have said the following about the video:

"Far and away the best tutorial I have ever seen on this site. Very professional and easy to follow. Great job!"

"This video is an excellent resource for teaching the game, and the tutorial looked both polished and professional. Great game, too!"

"This is a great video. More companies should take a page from this sort of introduction/explanation video for their games!"

"Seriously, what a brilliant presentation. It's hard to find such informative video that covers everything in a game."

Eruption tutorial video


Stratus Games in the Media

There has been a lot of buzz about Stratus Games lately. See for yourself:


"[Eruption is] a beautiful game in terms of production and a very solid, fun game in terms of overall game play. It’s the kind of game that builds not just healthy competition but memories as well." - Enders Game (BGG)

"[Eruption has] pure, unadulterated player interaction that should appeal to gamers and non-gamers alike. Put simply, Eruption is a blast." - I Slay the Dragon

"This game is fun, fast, easy to teach, easy to enjoy, and is very well produced and designed. From the little bits to the complete package, Eruption is a solid game well worth your time." - Father Geek

"An absolutely beautiful game...we highly recommend that you check it out." - The State of Games Podcast

"This is a great game that people should take a look at. The components are great, the artwork is great...a good family game for the holidays." - Drive-Thru Video Reviews

"Eruption is just plain fun. I see this as a game that bridges gap between different styles of gamers and even different age ranges." - MTV Geek

"This is a fun game that can be enjoyed by both families and cutthroat gamers." - Fortress Ameritrash

"I really enjoyed Eruption. This is a neat, elegantly designed, quick playing little game that I think will go over well in a lot of groups." - Board Game Geek

"Eruption is a fine choice for people who want something quick and fun." - ICv2

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Gold Mine™:

"Gold Mine is a solid game, delivering fun competition with light rules, easy game play, and allows for meaningful strategy and tactics to entertain game elitists to budding game enthusiasts. This is going to be a big hit at your next family game night or game gathering and will continue to entertain long after the other games have been set aside." - Father Geek

"Gold Mine was quite a bit of fun to play. Our group did a lot of trash talking, and lots of laughing ensued. The game itself looks great. The tiles are chunky, and give off a dark mood, while the player pieces are colorful and large (great for younger players). The best bits of all are the gold nuggets. These cartoonishly large chunks are easy to see on the board, and feel very solid." - Games and Grub

Launch Pad™:

"Launch Pad is an excellent light resource management and race game. There is surprising depth to Launch Pad that was a very pleasant surprise once I recognized it. The game length itself is spot on and allows for game correction and big payoffs if the player correctly calculates their risk vs. reward. The end result is a fantastic card game with a great theme, excellent mechanics, and accessible to all three geek groups. Outstanding!" - Father Geek

"It is a backstab-y game, and a very good one at that. [The other players] were loving watching things explode all over the place. I know they unequivocally enjoyed Launch Pad. Not to mention that the cards are absolutely gorgeous. They really give off a retro vibe that I love." - Games and Grub