Win $500 for Playing Off Your Rocker!

$500 Giveaway

Cash. It's what we all want. Not discounts, gift certificates, vouchers, or prizes with a particular retail value, but actual dough to be spent on anything.

This is why Stratus Games will be giving away 500 bucks in cash. Yes, 500 smackers of pure moolah to one lucky winner. Why? Because that's how we roll!

To enter the Off Your Rocker Quirky Video contest, all you have to do is:

1. Play Off Your Rocker
2. Film the game
3. Post a video of the best moments
4. Share your video

The video with the most views and the highest rating by our judges will win $500 cash! Visit for more details.

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Casual Game Insider Magazine

Casual Game InsiderWe are happy to report that the Kickstarter campaign for the Casual Game Insider magazine was successful! This magazine is the first phase of the Casual Game Revolution program, which aims to make board gaming more accessible to more people.

The first issue is scheduled to go out on October 12 to over 2,000 recipients, including 1,850 game stores. We are very pleased with the content of the first issue and hope that this magazine will become a staple for anyone who appreciates casual games, including industry professionals and consumers.

Subscriptions and more information about the magazine will soon be available on the Casual Game Revolution website. To continue receiving news and information about subscriptions, future issues, and writing opportunities, please sign up for the Casual Game Revolution Newsletter.

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Convention News

In August, Stratus Games had the opportunity of traveling to Indianapolis to exhibit at Gen Con, one of the largest and most prominent gaming conventions in North America. It was a fantastic experience to be able to demo our latest games, run events, and network with some of the most prominent people in our industry.

On September 29, we will be running gaming events all day at the RinCon convention in our home town of Tucson, Arizona. This will be a great opportunity to meet the game designers and learn how to play all of our latest games.