Stratus Games Newsletter

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All of the latest news about Stratus Games and our products.

June 2011 Newsletter

Eruption information and trailer video, Gold Mine's Parents' Choice Award, MENSA praise for both Gold Mine and Launch Pad, Stratus Games' new "gamified" website, and much more.

April 2011 Newsletter

A report on the 2011 GAMA Trade Show, details about the new instructional videos, and an update on the new "Eruption" board game.

February 2011 Newsletter

Details about recent Gold Mine awards, information about the Stratus Sphere Rewards Club, and a sneak peek at Stratus Games' latest project, "Eruption".

November 2010 Newsletter

Launch Pad release and giveaway contest, Stratus Sphere Rewards Club, and high praise from the latest Gold Mine review.

October 2010 Newsletter

Launch Pad "Launch" Party, Gold Mine giveaway contest, and the new "Major Miner Rescue" rule to commemorate the rescue of the Chilean miners.

September 2010 Newsletter

Stratus Games' 1 year anniversary, the status of Gold Mine reviews, the latest Optional Rules, and an update on our monthly game nights.

August 2010 Newsletter

Recap of the Gold Mine release event, the new Optional Rules section of the website, upcoming monthly game nights, sneak peek of Launch Pad, and this year's industry events.


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