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  • 1 Game Board
  • 43 Tiles
  • 48 Wooden Walls
  • 36 Action cards
  • 6 Wooden Scoring Markers
  • 2 Dice
  • Instructions
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The inhabitants of the villages surrounding a dormant volcano were happily living in peace until — KABOOM! — the old volcano sprung back to life, unleashing rivers of molten lava in every direction and blasting volcanic rock into the sky. The villages, now faced with destruction, must do whatever they can to protect their homes from the incoming surge of lava.

Your village is about to burn up — can you take the heat?

Game Summary:

Players direct lava from the volcano at the center of the island toward the surrounding villages. If lava enters a village, it will heat up and eventually burn. Occasionally, lava will spring up from anywhere on the island and cause even more devastation!

To hold back the lava, players can build walls of various materials or play cards to rotate, replace, and remove lava tiles as well as cool down and fortify their own villages. 

After the volcano has finished erupting, the player whose village is at the lowest temperature wins!


"As good as it gets...Stratus Games has got a hit on their hands."

"Eruption is just plain fun...[it] bridges gap between different styles of gamers and even different age ranges."

"Eruption is a blast...there's something here that will appeal to a broad base of people."

"A beautiful game in terms of production and a very solid, fun game...highly recommended!"

"It’s fast and fun, it looks’s simple to learn and teach but it allows for tactical and strategic decisions."

"This is a fun game that can be enjoyed by both families and cutthroat gamers...It's definitely worth a look. Thumbs up."

"Eruption has all the elements of a great family game."

Item #STT 3787
Weight2.25 lb
Game DesignChris James
Graphic Design and IllustrationAndy Kurzen and Matthew Plett
English rules eruption_instructions.pdf (5.12 MB)
Spanish rules eruption_spanish.pdf (5.76 MB)
German rules eruption_german.pdf (5.93 MB)
French rules eruption_french.pdf (5.90 MB)
Dutch rules eruption_dutch.pdf (5.68 MB)
Japanese rules eruption_japanese.pdf (6.24 MB)
Korean rules eruption_korean.pdf (3.80 MB)
Ukrainian rules eruption_ukrainian.pdf (8.19 MB)
Sell sheet eruption_sell_sheet.pdf (936.53 KB)

Optional Rules