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  • Recon Mission: A "Search and Write" Game

    Recon Mission

    In this 2-player "search and write" game, you are a soldier conducting reconnaissance to map out your enemy's base. Gather intel one square at a time and use logic to complete the map before your enemy does. Power up your jammer at the right times to slow them down! Now available on PNPArcade.

  • Bull Rally: A Free Print-and-Play Game

    Bull Rally

    The stock market draws in investors with dreams of wealth and success — but it often spits them back out with empty pockets. Do you have what it takes to turn a profit?

  • Torpedo Dice: A Free Roll-and-Write Game

    Torpedo Dice

    Soon to be a full retail game! In this interactive roll-and-write game, players draft dice and shoot torpedoes at their enemy submarine. The torpedoes are fired in the same formation as the pips shown on the dice. (Rules for this game are available in English, Spanish, and French.)

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  • Play Eruption Online for Free at Board Game Arena


    Eruption is now available on Board Game Arena, one of the best sites for playing tabletop games online. Board Game Arena is a free service that hosts hundreds of thousands of games per month and supports both desktop and mobile devices.

    Whether you're a new player or a long-time Eruption fan, join up with other players and have a "blast" with this great tile-laying game.

  • Off Your Rocker at Stir Events StirOff Your Rocker, by Stratus Games, will be featured at the Stir Game Nights hosted by in 20 major cities across the USA this fall. These special events will give singles a chance to meet and interact though face-to-face game play.

    At the Game Night Mashup events, "quick rules" will be provided to each participant to make learning the game fast and easy. facilitators will also be available to lead singles through the games and provide assistance. Players will rotate from table to table between rounds, giving everyone a chance to mix and mingle while they play up to five different games.