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Casual Game Revolution


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Submitted By Date Players Rating
Stratus Games May 27, 2011 4, 6
Average: 4 (4 votes)

At the beginning of the game, players divide into teams of two and sit across from each other. Team members control villages of clans who try to defend both of their villages together. During the Action Card phase of a turn, a player may choose to donate walls from his stockpile or Action Cards to his teammate. When a player places an Eruption Tile, his teammate’s village does not heat up by 30 degrees.

The game ends when either the tiles are depleted or the villages belonging to both members of a team have completely burned up. If only one team member’s village has burned up, the player with the burned up village may continue to play as usual. The winning team is the team with the lowest average temperature at the end of the game.

Game: Eruption