Eruption Preview Nights

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Stratus Games is excited to invite friendly local game stores to host special Preview Nights for Eruption, a new board game coming later this year.

Participating retailers will be air-shipped one of the first copies ever made. There are two options for participating in Eruption Preview Nights:

Option 1) The Eruption Preview Nights Bundle includes a full case of 6 copies of Eruption, which will arrive upon release and a FREE Super Advanced Preview Copy to feature before the game even releases.

Option 2) The Eruption Preview Nights copy includes only a Super Advanced Preview Copy for a nominal cost to the store to help defray the cost of air-shipping.

Stores can sign up to participate in the Eruption Preview Nights and receive:

-1 Super Advanced Preview copy of Eruption. This should arrive 3-4 weeks before the game releases. This copy is for previewing the game, generating buzz, and gathering preorders in your store. After the game releases, this copy is yours to keep for your Game Library, compliments of Stratus Games.
- Promotional support for the Eruption Preview Nights through Stratus Games newsletters and emails,, and more.
- Priority fill-rate for additional copies of Eruption
Free shipping on every case ordered within the continental United States

The Preview Nights promotion is powered by Game Salute, a source for news, reviews, and wild speculation! To participate, contact Game Salute today!