Eruption Announced as GAMES Magazine Family Game Runner Up

EruptionThe GAMES Magazine Top 100 is a coveted list of the most prominent traditional game releases for the year. In several different game categories, a game of the year and runner-up are selected, as well as many honorable mentions.

We are pleased to announce that one of our most popular games, Eruption, has been named as the runner-up in the family game category for 2013! The reviewer had so much fun with it that he jokingly recommended consulting an attorney because "there might be an ERUPTION of lawsuits from players who injure themselves falling off their chairs laughing - at both their mishaps and those of opponents!"

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DiceAFARI Wins a Parents' Choice Award

DiceAFARIThe Parents' Choice Foundation has announced the winners of the Fall 2012 toy and game awards, and we are happy to report that DiceAFARI was honored as an award recipient!

The reviewer for the award called DiceAFARI "a fun and strategic game, and the game tiles, tokens and photos are made of sturdy stock that will last." The full review can be found on the Parents' Choice website.

The Parents' Choice Awards have been around since 1978 and are the toy industry equivalent of the Academy Awards. This marks the second game in Stratus Games' line up that has been honored with this distinguished award, with Gold Mine announced as a winner in 2011.

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Casual Game Revolution Gets a New Website

Casual Game Revolution websiteNow that the first issue of Casual Game Insider magazine has been released, the Casual Game Revolution program is in full swing! A new website is now up and running that includes details about the program and the magazine, as well as a full-featured blog. There is even a store locator to help you find game stores in your area that carry casual games.

The blog will feature articles from many different authors, as well as news, reviews, and giveaways. If you share our passion for casual board games from all publishers, we recommend that you take a look!

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