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Action Points

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Submitted By Date Players Rating
Stratus Games Apr 5, 2011 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Average: 2.3 (3 votes)

This rule replaces the Miner Movement and Miner Action turn order with a series of actions that can be chosen in any order. Development Mining (the placing of 20 tiles initially) takes place as usual.

On each turn, a player may choose to spend up to 4 action points from the following options:
- Place a tile (3 points)
- Move one space (1 point)
- Traverse a Secret Passage (3 points)
- Collect a Gold Nugget from the current tile (1 point)
- Initiate a Gold Challenge against a player on the current tile (1 point – token required)
- Initiate a Bat Challenge against any player (1 point – token required)

A single action may be repeated on the same turn, but only if the player has enough action points remaining. If a Miner enters a Mud Puddle, no further action points can be spent for movement, except as the result of a Challenge.

The winner of a Bat Challenge may spend 5 additional action points toward the movement of the loser’s Miner (instead of rolling and moving). If the Challenger is the winner of a Gold Challenge, he may spend 4 additional action points toward the movement of his own Miner (instead of rolling and moving).

Game: Gold Mine
Required rules Help: Mud Puddles

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