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Major Miner Rescue

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Submitted By Date Players Rating
Stratus Games Oct 15, 2010 2, 3, 4, 5
Average: 3.7 (3 votes)

The Miners are trapped! A cave-in has blocked all of the outgoing tunnels and they are stuck in a cavern awaiting rescue. Can the rescuers find them in time?

No Gold Nuggets, Challenge Tokens or dice are used for this rule. At the beginning of the game, each player chooses a Miner Pawn that will serve as a Rescuer. The remaining Miners are placed on a Cavern tile. Tiles with caved-in or blocked paths are placed adjacent to the Cavern on three sides (the tiles may not allow passage or contain any open paths). The Mine Entrance tile is placed a distance of eight tile-lengths away from the middle blocked tile. The Rescuers are placed on the Mine Entrance tile.

Starting layout

For each turn, a player may draw a tile, place it adjacent to his Rescuer, and optionally move one space. Tiles can only be placed adjacent to the current player’s Rescuer. If a tile can be placed with connecting tunnels adjacent to the Rescuer, it must be placed, even if it is a dead-end. If the tile cannot be placed adjacent to the Rescuer, it is discarded. No tile is drawn if the Rescuer is not in a position to have a tile placed adjacent to him, but he may still move one space.

Other than the Mine Entrance tile, a Rescuer may never be on the same tile and path as another Rescuer.

The first Rescuer to reach the Cavern tile where the Miners are trapped wins the game. If the tiles are depleted before a Rescuer reaches the Miners, the discarded tiles may be shuffled and used again. Shuffling of the discarded tiles may only occur once. If no Rescuers are able to reach the Miners (i.e., the path to them is blocked or the tiles are depleted), then the Miners are trapped forever and everyone loses.

Game: Gold Mine

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