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Miner 49er

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Ryan Bretsch Aug 23, 2011 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Average: 2.7 (3 votes)

This variant includes 3 mini-variants designs to be used together.

Deal Me 3

During game setup, each player is dealt 3 random tiles, which are played in accordance with the 5 Tile Strategy rules & purpose. (Mud Puddles Variant not required.)

Gold Strike!

If successful in winning a “gold challenge” and stealing a gold nugget, you now have the option to play by the official rules OR take the gold nugget directly. If you elect to take the gold for yourself, immediately roll one die and move your miner the designated number of spaces with the gold. 

Bats Alive!

Players may now use their bat token(s) in two ways.

1. Send bats as a non-contestable challenge:  A player plays the bat token. They now automatically get to take the action as directed by the original rules.  It is no longer decided by a roll-off.

2. Play a bat token defensively to stop a gold strike (i.e. gold challenge).  A player plays a remaining bat token to immediately stop a gold strike being played and completed against them.   This can be done after the dice roll-off.

Game: Gold Mine

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