Recon Mission: A "Search and Write" Game

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Recon Mission

In this 2-player "search and write" game, you are a soldier conducting reconnaissance to map out your enemy's base. Gather intel one square at a time and use logic to complete the map before your enemy does. Power up your jammer at the right times to slow them down! Now available on PNPArcade.

Recon Mission's gameplay is a cross between Battleship and Minesweeper, with a defensive element of jamming signals. At the start of the game, players draw six different structures on their own base map. Then they take turns calling out squares on the enemy map. The other player indicates whether this square is confirmed as part of a structure, a number from 0-8 indicating how many surrounding squares are part of a structure, or "jammed" (meaning they don't want you to know).

Download Recon Mission on PNPArcade