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These are official and unofficial additions to each game that are rated by the community. Try out some new ways to play or submit your own!
Title Game Date Rating
Five Tile Strategy Gold Mine 07/23/2010
Mud Puddles Gold Mine 07/23/2010
Token Collection Gold Mine 08/19/2010
Cursed Pirate Gold Gold Mine 08/10/2010
Unions Gold Mine 08/09/2010
Gold Mine Solitaire Gold Mine 07/07/2010
Ninja Speed Gold Mine 08/19/2010
Phantom of the Mine Gold Mine 08/09/2010
Bat Challenge Enhance Gold Mine 08/28/2010
Double Dig Gold Mine 07/23/2010
Major Miner Rescue Gold Mine 10/14/2010
Special Abilities Gold Mine 09/15/2010
Cave-in Sixes Gold Mine 09/15/2010
Alliances Gold Mine 07/23/2010
Miner 49er Gold Mine 08/23/2011